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Find great deals on eBay for quadrajet carburetor float. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. You have to pull the top of the carb off to set the float level. per the Edelbrock Calibration reference Chart, this should be Ref#20, slightly rich. The Quadrajet’s centrally located float is highly resistant to level changes caused by cornering or acceleration. Note: We've added a new easier to use version of the text of the service manual here. using a Quadrajet with its very small float bowl. 2: Quadrajet float level adjustment Remove the top cover and gasket, and use an adjustable T-scale to measure the distance from the top of the float bowl gasket surface to the top of the float at a point 3 / 16 in. Hold the float hinge clip firmly seated and push down lightly on the A Simple Guide To Jetting Your Carb. Select the proper oil viscosity from the following chart: Check carburetor float level, operation of secondary vacuum break The 1975 M4MC/M4MCA Quadrajet carburetors have. CHECK FOR PROPER WEIGHT WITH. Hold the float hinge clip firmly seated and push down lightly on the float where it contacts the needle. Rochester Quadrajet 4MV Carburetor: Removal, Dis-Assembly, Rebuild (Rookie Level) The thread discusses the removal, complete tear-down, cleaning, rebuild kits, rebuild process, re-installation, and tuning of a Quadrajet 4MV model. There should be a metal disc affixed to the carburetor for those in the 1965 to 1968 range, and the number was It is a R4-4MV the 4MV is a divorce choke (remote choke) Rochester Quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor which means the choke is located on the intake manifold connected to the carburetor with a choke rod . If fuel comes pouring out of the sight plug hole, the float is set too high. 038. . 219"X1. The author is Doug Roe. New Power piston return spring. There is a moment of quiet followed by a large increase in exhaust volume, sometimes described as a 'booming' noise. 204 . Figure 1 Figure 2 1. OD . Quadrajet Specifications. 1: Float level external check for the Rochester Quadrajet With the engine idling at normal operating temperature and the choke wide open, insert float gauge C-4900 in the vent hole and allow the gauge to float freely. Check with gauge and repeat until float is at correct height. Inside you will find a handy chart with trouble symptoms and check points, along with instructions for adjustments to correct problems. A method used by Carter (also Rochester in their 4G series, and Stromberg in most of their two barrel series) to adjust the fuel level was to move the height of the arm where the arm was soldered to the pontoons. ID . Technical Information Bulletin Rev. There should be 1-1/4" ± 1/4" between the airhorn gasket and the top of the outer end of the Overflowing--There are several things that can cause gas to pour out the carb. Filter. 1406 Cliff's High Performance Quadrajets - Quadrajet rebuild kits, tuning  Air/ gasoline adjustment screw: the carburetor pictured in the exploded view uses . SHAFT ROD. my set up is a stock 360 amc, with an eldobrock performer, and 1406 carb ( jetted way down) live at 7,000 ft. By: AndrewT Dyno tested and developed with settings from sea level to 12,000 feet elevation float valve and jets Written Edelbrock Carburetor Float Adjustment Diagram • this is images about edelbrock carburetor float adjustment diagram posted by Ella Brouillard in Edelbrock category. 401 length 32-7 float pin od . Our Rochester Quadrajet primary metering carburetor jets are manufactured in  Apr 8, 2016 flathead idle adjustment screw running lean vs rich chart Back the adjustment screws off until the engine is running slightly lean. The float level is measured from the rear of the float to the top of the float bowl casting. 380 Length. AK 9-7-08 How to Tune a Q-Jet (basic) by Lars Grimsrud Lafayette, CO This tech paper will discuss basic set-up and tuning of QuadraJet carbs for optimum street performance and drivability. Fast, secure e-book download. Set the float level. I prefer the electric choke over divorced or hot air tubes. Choke element was mounted on the intake manifold and connected to the carburetor by rod. Fuel should be even with the bottom of the sight plug hole. Measure from the top of the float bowl to the top of the float at the rear edge of the float. Observe the sight plug hole for the fuel level. Complete service manual: Comprehensive factory service information for Rochester Quadrajet M4MC carburetors. Quality Rebuilt Carburetors for Mercruiser, Holley, Rochester, OMC and More. Edelbrock offers an assortment (Part #1994) of four different springs in a package designed for low vacuum applications. However, Carter was also licensed to build the Quadrajet as a secondary source, and supplied carburetors to not only Chevrolet, but other GM divisions as well. Click the bold underline to BUY or look at a picture of the part. We have many new parts available for QJets. It would be very rough and die. Rochester 4G, 4GC, sometimes referred to as 4 Jet, carburetor parts technical information. This operation is difficult to do accurately on a rough-idling vehicle. Therefore you must set this when you first install the carburetor. Take care not to damage the float needle spring. The first spread-bore carburetor in the industry was the Quadrajet. This is for application with performance modifications such as intake manifold, headers, ignition or mild cam change. The level 2 is for street-strip vehicles, tow vehicles, RV's and watercraft with modified engines. 32-7. Conceptually, the 4CG is two 2CGs welded NOTE: Changing almost any part in fuel-inlet system requires resetting float to maintain correct fuel level. Pre '76 carb. [Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors] [Quadrajet Rebuilding Service] [Quadrajet Carburetor Bushing 3. Spring Chart; Carb Kit Listings; Carburettor Float Height Chart; Carburettor . 038 wire dia. I pulled my carb and completely rebuilt it. An integral fuel filter (or strainer), and check valve (if used) , located in the float bowl ahead of the fuel inlet valve, is A Quadrajet carburettor car is often distinguishable from other cars by the sound of the engine as the secondaries open. PERFORMER SERIES® & THUNDER SERIES AVS® CARBURETOR Edelbrock Corporation 2700 California Street Torrance, CA 90503 Tech Line: 1-800-416-8628 7am-5pm PST, M-F I agree with that assessment. While there are some GM street-car enthusiasts that swear by the Quadrajet, they are also disliked by almost as many. I just raised the float, but of coarse, that’s no good if you’re going to Duel Fuel and you have this problem as this would require the Fuel being switched off when going to GAS and then Causing the fault, OK if you’re not going to run Petrol ever again, but, if you want to the float must be restricted 5. That seemed to make a slight improvement. FLOAT PIN. 081x. May 3, 2003 This manual covers all Rochester QJet carbs including the 4MV, M4MC, M4ME, M4MED, E4ME and E4MED. How to measure and adjust Quadrajet float level Tyler's Neighborhood Garage With the float in the raised position and the inlet needle lightly seated, measure from the top of the float to the Fig. Carburetor Specifications . Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Floats carburetors 4 barrel 4bbl Q-Jet - Carburetor Parts & Kits for Rochester, Carter, Holley, Edelbrock, Ford Motorcraft QJet, 4G, 2G, Mercarb Marine, AFB, AVS Thermo-Quad Carburetors Quadrajet Parts Available. The Rochester Quadrajet is a modern design, and uses some very forward-thinking features such as a central float bowl with one float, vacuum-operated metering rods for power enrichment, an air-door controlled secondary, and no gaskets below fuel level. the fuel level to prevent fuel loss to the main metering jets during critical vehicle maneuvers. It does not leak while running. The rest of the chart is just for approximating what percentage of sea-level horsepower will be produced by a Tuning tips for your E85 carburetor (crazy long) By raising the float level the engine’s response is quickened as you have raised the fuel level inside the main This manual covers all Rochester QJet carbs including the 4MV, M4MC, M4ME, M4MED, E4ME and E4MED. This purchase is for a custom built restored Quadrajet with original code stamp listed in description. I have removed the choke pull off to test whether allowing the secondaries to come in right away would help- and it didn't. Next, you should check the float drop (See Figure 4). 037 Other than this application, no other "Carter designed" carburetors (AFB, AVS, WCFB or Thermoquad) were ever installed from the factory on a first-generation Camaro. They started making them in 1975 and ran threw 1990. Application: Rochester Quadrajet and Dualjet carburetors. You’ll be amazed how many people try tuning a Q-Jet without ever checking the float level. Find out about adjustments to float level, pump, idle vent, automatic choke, choke rod, unloader, fast idle, vacuum brake, secondary metering rod, air valve, air valve lockout, air valve spring, and dash pot. Engine normally starts OK but then dies backing out the driveway or at the first stop sign. First Question: The carb kit only gives one value for all 1976, Chevrolet 350's: 5/16'. Before disassembling the base plate, place the base plate on a suitable stand or legs. Power Tuning a Quadrajet Carb. Detailed specifications and parts lists are here for 1980-1986 models. back from the toe of the float. We supply Quadrajets for Cars, Trucks and Boats, order online or toll free at (800) 526-9952 or (int’l): 714 981 3773 If you don’t find your carburetor listed here feel free to call or email and we will find it for you. [citation needed] The Quadrajet carburetor was actually a derivative of a variable venturi carburetor called the DOVE (diaphragm operated variable entrance) which was developed in the 1961-63 time frame at Rochester Since 1954, "The King of Carburetor". 1 Tuning Your Carb for Best Performance – Rochester 4GC Rochester 4GC Carburetors – Information and General Operation When designed, the 4CG used as small a venturi as possible to keep air velocity high and as such allow efficient metering of the fuel. 219"x1. See our vacuum ports. This problem is usually remedied by installing a different power valve spring. 11 Float Assembly Primary 12 Fuel Valve Seat Lock Screw 13 Fuel Valve Seat Lock Screw Gasket 14 Fuel Valve Seat Adjusting Nut 15 Fuel Valve Seat Adjusting Nut Gasket 16 Fuel Inlet Valve & Seat Assembly - Primary 17 Fuel Valve Seat O-Ring Seal 18 Fuel Level Check Plug 19 Fuel Level Check Plug Gasket 20 Vent Rod Clamp Screw & Lockwasher You will need to take out the lock screw and turn the nut so the needle & seat is 1/2 way through the thickness of the nut then put the screw back in. Tip: When  duty emission control systems (see chart). 401 Length. Level 2 (LV2) – Like the level one it is a step up. the setting is incorrect, remove the float assembly to Bend the assembly Only at the point Indicated in Figure 13. I got a few questions regarding carbs. Free Rochester Quadrajet Manuals Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor Manual Application Carburetor Number Carburetor Kit 1974 Oldsmobile Cuslass Toronado 7044280, 7044281, 7044282 4207 1973 Oldsmobile 455″ 7043251, 7043253, 7043252, 7043259, 7043282 4207 1969 Oldsmobile … 4MV, This is divorced choke (remote choke) style 4 barrel Quadrajet carburetor. there is a special fixture with a specific weight used to hold the the needle in the seat to get the proper float level. , are all properly set. The basic pricing is for level 1 build which is perfect for a stock engine. Replace/repair problem. Set the float to 9/32" and ensure that the fuel level does not climb too high and slosh into the power valve hole and overly enrich Hi all. ID numbers for a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor are found next to the throttle level. 220"x1. Chevy Truck Magazine This is an insert from an article on Q-jet Tuning Tips that appeared in the January 2000 issue. Cliff's High Performance Quadrajets - Quadrajet rebuild kits, tuning & Carburetor restoration services for Rochester Quadrajet repair, kits and parts. I'm assuming that's correct?&nHi all. The float system has a single pontoon float and fuel inlet valve for simplification and ease of servicing. Based on the float level adjustment, The float position will either shut off the fuel supply via the inlet needle and seat or pull the The Rochester Quadrajet, or Q-jet, was a carburetor on many GM vehicles from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s. or was it a "generic one size fits  Other carburetor-related causes include an idle mixture adjustment set too lean To diagnose this condition, the float level needs to be checked and the float  Results 1 - 48 of 3327 Accelerator pump adjustment/Rebuild question Edelbrock Can someone let me FLoat height is often set wrong from the factory and the . Never raise the float Tuning tips for Quadrajet carbs. Also, many commercially rebuilt Q-Jets have brass floats. How to Set a Quadrajet Float Level by Chris Stevenson The Rochester Quadrajet, or Q-jet, was a carburetor on many GM vehicles from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s. The 4175 is designed as a replacement for the OEM Thermo-Quad and Quadrajet carbs, which have a spread-bore carb mounting flange. WALKER FLOAT SCALE (#825) . An incorrect float level can give you all kinds of symptoms and problems, so get this one set right off the bat. FUEL LEVEL (FLOAT LEVEL): The float(s) controls the fuel delivery, however if the float(s) are not properly adjusted a fuel starvation or a flooding affect could result. We set the floats in the shop to a particular setting; but fuel pressure dictates fuel level. Fig. For the most part this is for general information or in some cases guys are rebuilding an engine that has added a given amount of horsepower and would like to know where a good starting point is. With years of Qjet experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, our carbs are track proven and dyno tested. A saturated float will cause erratic fuel bowl level and wreak havoc on • Float levels are factory set, adjustments are rarely needed • Change jets, adjust floats and replace needles/seats without draining fuel or removing carb from manifold AVAILABLE WITH BLACK & ENDURASHINE FINISH! CARBURETOR APPLICATION CHART Rochester Quadrajet Manual. After that it runs OK. I do not recommend use of a brass float in a Q-Jet. ” Consequently, the correct jet size is 0. This, of course, is dependent upon whether the fuel metering, float level, idle-screw setting, throttle-blade angle, jets, power valve, air bleeds, and needle valves, etc. T SCALE (#825). DO NOT press the needle into the seat when adjusting the float lever. NOTE: A properly set float level will have the fuel level located at the bottom edge of the sight plug hole, as shown 1966-69 Quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor illustrated parts break down illustrates individual part placement in the assembly. 9) Defective idle solenoid. BF GeneratorSets: The float level setting is specified in Table 1 To adjust, invert the fue bowl cover so that the float assembiy is resting on the inlet needle valve as Buy Holley 0-80457S Model 4160 600 CFM Square Flange 4-Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Carburetor: Carburetors - Amazon. ,etc. Drawbacks. Solution #2: Check your fuel pressure and adjust it to these psi ranges: 5-7 psi for Holley, Quick Fuel, AED, Willy’s, or Summit Racing; or 4-5 psi for Edelbrock or Jet. To adjust the float, it needs to be removed to gently bend the lever. 60 mm (#60). 's are largely divorced choke setups, which I'm not a fan of. AINS CORRECT FUEL LEVEL IN CARBURETOR BOWL BY OPENING FLOATS. Buyers guide to Quadrajet kits, floats, chokes and pull-offs. the correct float setting for your carb is 7/16" In this video I show you what to check if you have a Quadrajet that is flooding or running rich. ROCHESTER DUALJET/QUADRAJET M2M, M4M. Its primary front barrels look no different than  Small Blocks - Quadrajet Float Level Adjustment - Hey guys, I decided to just make a new thread on this, because i couldnt find any info on it on  Apr 28, 2016 This, of course, is dependent upon whether the fuel metering, float level, Off Road: The Quadrajet's centrally-located float is highly resistant to fuel the carburetor, unless you have a Rochester numerical reference chart. IDLE VENT   Oct 10, 2016 Rochester's timeless Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor can perform with proper Float adjustment is critical to proper fuel delivery and safety. Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. With the top removed, remove the big phenolic spacer that covers the area around the needle/seat. Adjust by removing the float and bending its lever arm. It can be really hard to hold the float just right for the measurement, that is why after adjusting the float I let the float go, and then verify again that it is correct. Identification codes indicate the car or truck a carburetor was designed for and what transmission it was used with. The Quadrajet had a centrally located float that gave it excellent fuel control resulting in excellent street manners. Q-Jets are identified by a number stamped into the Float Bowl casting on the driver’s side of the car just above the secondary throttle linkage. 380 length id . Off Road. the problem is that when I shut the engine off fuel starts to leak from the bottom, at the wedge base plate. ◇ 100-35. The float level is extremely critical and an often overlooked part of tuning. Some manufacturers specify the distance from the float to the casting without the gasket, some with the gasket, some the distance to the fuel level in the bowl at a specified pressure, and Rochester was probably the most creative, often measuring to a “dimple” on the float itself or the float seam. Most performance enthusiasts shun the Quadrajet as a stock carburettor laden with useless emissions controls. How do I adjust the float in my quadrajet? Float level should be a little more than 1/4" down as measured from the top of the main casting to the top of the float New brass Q-Jet Carburetor float is a direct replacement for the original factory Rochester Quadrajet and Dualjet nitrophyl float. We prefer to put a pry bar in a vise where the base plate will be at eye level. 9) In this example the gauge indicates 18 mm. metering rod valve,float setting etc. float level, bend the float lever until the recommended level is attained. Float level should be . Quadrajet Identification Buy Your Quadrajet Parts Here. 590 length 66-44 pump delayer spring 66-16 pump discharge spring 66-37 fuel filter inlet spring id . Float: The float controls fuel level in the float bowl at the bottom of the carburetor. BRASS TUBE. I have an quadrajet carb, that needs rebuilt, and now I have the option of taking off a holley truck advenger off a ford and swapping in my eldobrock. . It is on a boat with a 350 Chevy engine. 485 . Repair the problem. It was developed by the Rochester Product Division of General Motors in the mid-’60s and designated Model 4M. 081X. Home / Automotive / Automotive Quadrajet Carburetors. Hold the airhorn upright and let the floats hang down. How to fix a Quadrajet that floods or runs rich part 2 of 2 - Duration: 12:14. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases On the elevation scale at the bottom of the chart, select 7,200 feet (between 7 and 8 on the scale). 7) Check & adjust the float level to factory specs. But once complete, the boat would not run right. Many times guys often ask as to where do you start in finding part specifications that are in a given carburetor. The primary side Quadrajet adjustment for accelerator pump. Adjusting the float and fuel level on a Holley four-barrel carburetor is easy if you follow these basic steps. Là, je serai à même de pouvoir remonter mon carburateur avec une bonne flotte. Float level should be left the same as the factory setting, which is usually around 1/4". 093"X1. If none is seen, the level is too low. F1: second design 4MV brass float, used from 1969-up on many applications; F9: first design 4MV / 4MC brass float, used starting in 1965 and into the 1980's on many marine applications it is measured at the tip of the float. 1. Dec 23, 2005 QuadraJet carbs have three basic tuning variables, and these get people all confused: Primary . A few are listed here: Floats. They started making them in 1965 and ran threw 1974 trucks up to 1979. Float Found in Flow-Jet carburetors, the float controls the operation of the inlet needle and seat. One of the most crucial, yet overlooked adjustments in a Holley four-barrel carburetor is the float. Significant negative features of the Quadrajet were: Leaking fuel bowl. Carburetor Model: Carter - YF: Rochester B Float Level: 7/16" w/o gasket @ free end: 1 9/32" An incorrect float level can give you all kinds of symptoms and problems, so get this one set right off the bat. As long as it doesn't have a fuel mixture solenoid and tps on it, any quadrajet can be made to do what you want. You can also find other images like edelbrock carburetors 1406,edelbrock tuning chart,edelbrock 1405 adjustments,edelbrock carburetors identification,holley carburetor diagram,marvel schriver carburetor parts diagram,chevy Hi, I haven't been on here in a while. 32-27. Trying to set the float level on my stock '76, L-48. 8) Check for power & ground. 17-34. Remove the spark plug and check the color (refer to chart in this thread). It is the 2nd edition. Shop online or call today 1-800-634-CARB (2272). Solution #1: A low float level will create fuel starvation, which will cause the engine to stumble. The number will be the float level in mm (millimeters). Includes theory, diagrams, detailed specifications, tune-up data and complete overhaul procedures. This chart is from the book: Tune, Rebuild, or Modify Rochester Carburetors. During the 1970s, many Quadrajets had porous floats that would absorb fuel and create an overly rich mixture. 128" length 50-28 intermediate choke shaft rod 17-34 brass tube od . The main cause of nozzle drip, when not related to float level being to high, is to much air moving through the venturi. Little follow up to results on my Quadrajet carb changes: Before changes - Idle If I understand the metering rod chart correctly from the previous link . ar it next to the needle seat controls the maximum float drop in the tional float system to control fuel level in the carbure- TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART. This was the most common spring for very early Quadrajets that didn't have the APT in base. The top of the float should extend out float bowl. Shop with confidence. Replacement Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors Installation and Troubleshooting Guide 1968-1981 Corvette Thank you for choosing Mid America Motorworks for this high quality Remanufac-tured Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor. 190" length 32-27 float pin od . It has no effect on jetting but can cause some symptoms that can be easily confused with a jetting problem. Rochester 2 Jet, 2G, 2GC, float adjustment. Includes float level and float drop for 2 Jets and Mercarb. The MC model has a choke housing and coil mounted on the side of the float bowl. build that takes performance beyond the stock level 7) Float level set very low. As the name implies, the float “floats” on top of the fuel in the carburetor bowl. 400” for a street-driven car. Merci pour ma commande reçu, mon ancienne son levier un peu tordu et elle semble accrocher sur les côtés dans la cuve. How to Improve Pontiac V-8 Performance: Tuning Guide. the specs in those carb repair kits are for the stock GM nitrophyl float and should not be used if you use a brass because of the difference in buoyancy. Other changes include clear sight plugs for float level Float Level- The fuel level in the bowls should be set at the bottom of the sight hole so that you have to jostle the car to get the fuel to come out the sight hole when running. Hopefully it is just that the float is set too high. Ethanol blends in gasoline today are responsible for many fuel system issues and carburetor failures on older Corvettes. 8) No voltage/ground to the idle solenoid. 375” - . Since the Qjet has such an efficient booster design, it doesn't take much air flow to create a low pressure area, and start pulling fuel through the main system. Check the float level and make adjustments if necessary. This will get you back to a starting place. Illustrated Parts Break Down 1) Rod, Choke (1966) For the choke circuit to function properly, the rest of the carburetor needs to be mechanically sound. If the carb is a Carter manufactured under license from Rochester, the number will be inside a round metal foil tag on the driver’s side of the carb just above the primary throttle linkage. Sustained . With the With this number, go to the Jet % Change Chart and find. Back to The Fuel & Exhaust Page . was running great with no problems at all and one day it just would not idle. Once I re installed it, it ran really good so I decided to go ahead and change the oil and fuel filter. Rochester Quadrajet 4MV Series -4 Barrel Carburetor 1966 to 1973 327, 350, 396, 400, 402 and 454 It is a R4-M4MC the M4MC is a Hot air side mounted choke Rochester Quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor, which means the choke is located on the passenger side connected to the carburetor and draws hot air from the intake . The float bowl’s fuel volume is also kept to a minimum to maximize fuel circulation through the float bowl. You can see that elevation falls in the light gray band for “first smaller jet. Unlike any other carburetor on the market at the time, the Quadrajet nestled its float bowl between its two primary venturis so that intake air would cool the float bowl assembly. 190" Length. heavy strength to work with your engines vacuum level at idle to improve idle and off idle performance. part # year: bbl: size: tran: notes: 7011350: 1957: 2: 347: a: tripower center: 7011351: 1957: 2: 347: a/m: tripower front: 7011352: 1957: 2: 347: a/m: tripower rear Blue V8 Quadrajet numbers Guys Has anyone here got an original WB, VC or VH V8 and could look at the carby number for me? I just want to sort out which carbies are How do you tell the size of a Rochester Quadrajet carbie? you should buy a new float. Includes helpful videos, specifications and manuals. rochester 4g, 4gc 17-35 brass passage tube od . 093"x1. I also increased the float level- thinking that under lower vacuum operation but, before the secondaries open, the POE might add some gas to help it. 10) If the level is not correct adjust by gently bending the tab on the float a little bit at a time. Fuel float level too low (Yes, you heard me right – TOO LOW) Cock-eyeing the needle. I have a mercruiser 260. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Take the fuel bowl off and hold it upside down & level, then bend the tang on the float so the float is level in the center of the fuel bowl. About Us. It should be clean, tight (both its fasteners and those that attach it to the intake manifold) and its float level and idle mixture screws should be set correctly. What is the proper float level adjustment for a quadrajet 4 barrel carburetor? The one I am working on is new. maintmaintmaintains correct fuel level in carb uretureturetor boor boor bo wl by opening and cland cland cl osing osing osing the inlet vvvalalalveveve symptsymptsymptoms of f ailailailureureure engine fl oodingoodingooding,,, poor fuel economy ,,, rich exha ust & hard ho ttt restrestrestarararttt recommended service Maximum buoyancy of a float occurs when the flat surface of the float arm is perpendicular to the fuel inlet needle. quadrajet float level chart

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